Re-architecting JSP/JAVA WEB Applications Using react.js and Spring Micro Services

Challenges in JSP/JAVA Web Applications

  • UI & Business logic is tighly coupled
  • Monolitic Architecture
  • Low performance due to DOM Re-rendering
  • Scaling requires more VMs

Advantages of react.js & Spring Micro services Architecture

  • UI & Business logic seperation using react.js and Micro Services Architecture.
  • Re-align your Services based on functionality and load to achieve better scaling
  • High performance - thanks to virtual DOM in react
  • Scaling requires lesser number of VMs
  • Server side events relayed to UI using redux/websockets
  • Take advantage of Spring framework to implement security, database pooling and logging features
  • Take advantage of distributing your services with different pods if necessary or if the application is simple, you could run all services in a single vm